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SEMINARIANS  -  "Nine in the Line"

  • Began Bachelors in Theology education from The Luther Academy in Riga, Latvia in 2021 online sessions, on track for 2024 ordination.

Amjad Victor Pervaiz_edited.jpg

Amjad Victor Pervaiz

  • DOB:  October 15, 1983

  • BACKGROUND:  Master’s Degree in Education, Post-Grad work in Public Relations

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Husband & father of three. Teaching Lutheran hymns & liturgy to my family.

  • CALLING:  When I first met Vicar Dass, I was intrigued by the doctrine of the Lutheran Church.  While learning the Lutheran Confessions, I answered the call to serve as a pastor.

Ansar John Masih.png

Ansar John Masih

  • DOB:  August 2, 1990

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor's Degree in  Computer Science, Post-Grad work in Computer Software Engineering

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Teaching and leading youth. Socially connected and a “people person”.

  • CALLING:  My greatest desire is to give back to my community by teaching and preaching the true Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My hope is to reform the church in my poor village “Sangla Hill” in Punjab.

Botham David Masih_edited.jpg

Botham David Masih

  • DOB:  September 11, 1984

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature, Post-Grad work as Business Owner

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Youth Ministry. Teaching and counseling at various levels. Dedicated and good communicator.

  • CALLING:  I am married and blessed with two beautiful daughters, ages 9 and 5. I believe my calling is to spread the true word of God through teaching the Bible and to show all people the way of eternal life is through belief in Jesus Christ.

Naeem Jonah Younus_edited_edited.png

Naeem Jonah Younas

  • DOB:  January 1, 1987

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Post-Grad work in Hospitality and Tourism

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  I am a Musician and can play keyboard and guitar. I am a professional hospitality worker and cook.

  • CALLING:  I have been born from above and saved by my Lord, Jesus Christ. Seminary training is my opportunity to better learn the Word of God, grow in it, and share throughout the world.

Lazarus Messiah.png

Lazarus Messiah

  • DOB:  September 30, 1987

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Education with a Minor in Statistics. Master’s Degree in English Literature and Linguistics. Post-Grad work as Vice-Principal of Govt. School

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Teaching and leading. Passion is to help others learn.

  • CALLING:  I was inspired by the Lutheran theology through thoughtful discussion with Pastor Jay. I wish to teach those who desire a better understanding of Christ and his teachings.

Hannan Paul Naeem.png

Hannan Paul Naeem

  • DOB:  June 23, 1992

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy.  Post-Grad work as Assistant Pharmacist

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Passionate gift to speak with people from other faiths. Also, I am good at counseling people when they are in emotional distress.

  • CALLING:  There are so many people who have never heard the Name of Jesus. I have a gift to talk to people from other faiths and wish to share the Gospel with Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

Simon Javed.png

Simon Javed

  • DOB:  October 9, 1991

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, began Masters in Divinity at Gujranwala Theological Seminary.  Post-Grad work as Vicar, Associate Pastor

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Community Organizer, Youth Leader. Education and Counseling.  Well-versed in Communication skills.

  • CALLING:  I am dedicated to becoming a Lutheran Pastor to bring Reformation to Pakistan through true doctrine and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Mushtaq Masih.png

Mushtaq Masih

  • DOB:  February 6, 1968

  • BACKGROUND:  Master’s degree in Education. Post-Grad work as Teacher and Principal.

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Gifted to teach all ages and genders. With my professional background, I feel blessed to become a Lutheran Pastor and wish to fulfill that calling.

  • CALLING:  I desire to teach and preach the Word of God to non-believers and those who seek to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Shan Mashi.png

Shan Mashi

  • DOB:  April 15, 1993

  • BACKGROUND:  Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Commerce> Post-Grad work as Clerk at local Hospital.

  • GIFTS & TALENTS:  Musician and leader in praise and worship. Church leadership.

  • CALLING:  Learning to write music as this is something new in my country.

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